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The Boyd/Harrison/Clapton triangle from Patti Boyd's point of view. But I take the part of PB and insert my own commentary. And more Wittgenstein!


Your eyes pose a question
They're asking of me
Are the way that things are
Be the way things must be

All that's the case
Is the state of affairs*
And nobody likes it
And nobody dares

If you'd married George
You'd not give up lightly
What you'd come to believe
What belonged to you rightly

We're somewhat attached
And I think I would miss him
So serious and soulful
With his bullshit** mysticism

I know what I want
Want what I know
And I know what I want

I want to go out,
Not sit around and pout
And I want to go out

I don't know what I want
Don't want what I know
I don't know what I want

I want to home
I'm not having fun
And I want to go hooooome!

It's so photogenic
How three crowd the frame
But our optic alignment
Well it can't be the same

Your hangdog expression
From the magazine spills
As you drown all your sorrows
In liquor and pills

Won't budge an iota
Won't give a scintilla
How can I chose between two
Shades of vanilla


from 7 songs about eric clapton, released July 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Constant Velocity Bloomington, Illinois

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